The right room
for great meetings

We have rooms that suit all types of meetings and conferences

An extremely important component

We know that the space itself is important for your meeting to be successful — it’s something we take deeply to heart!

Our premises are bright, airy, and feature a well-planned design for a great meeting environment. Each room is equipped with modern technology to facilitate your conference or meeting. With us, everything is included in the room rental, and we are always close at hand to assist you and your guests with anything you might need.


For up to 7 people

Board meetings or small groups — we have several fine and modern premises that are ideal for 2–7 people.


For up to 20 people

For groups of 20 people or fewer, we have excellent rooms that are a great fit for parties of this size with various seating arrangements. All of our premises have modern furnishings and we maintain high technical standards in each room.


For up to 100 people

We have large venues that are perfect for conferences, events or kick-offs. Featuring modern designs, generous lighting, and ample ventilation, these are the ideal conditions for hosting an excellent conference.

No unpleasant surprises!

At Steningevik there are no extra costs.
Need an extra table? Sounds good!
Need another projector? Not a problem!

We take care of everything that might arise, so you can just focus on the meeting itself. We make sure to equip ourselves with whatever you might need, so if you need anything, just ask — it’s all included.

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